Welcome dear Colleagues!

In the beginning of last year we revived the exciting Consensus – Controversy – Compromise – C3 meeting in Vienna. Live procedures and hands-on workshops were combined with high-level lectures. This format of the meeting has ignited many interesting discussions, which we would like to continue. 

In the first two editions of the interdisciplinary meeting we counted almost 300 participants. Interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and other specialists from Europe and overseas shared their expertise on consensus – controversies – compromise and debated on the management of cardiovascular pathologies.

The Center of Cardiovascular Medicine (CCVM) at Medical University of Vienna / AKH offers an interdisciplinary activity focusing on:

Consensus – Controversies – Compromise - C3

Pro-Con Discussions, State-of-the-Art Lectures and transmission of Live-Procedures are the environment to discuss patient specific options by individualized decisions, challenge Guidelines and unveil real unmet medical needs are discussed.

Bring your expertise and discuss burning questions about new therapies and established treatment algorithms. Catheter-based therapies are performed LIVE in the Hybrid-OR and the Cath-Lab at AKH-Vienna. Furthermore, novel, complex or minimally-invasive surgical procedures are performed LIVE and transmitted.